List of the best varieties of tomatoes: top 10 rating with photos, the most delicious and productive, description for greenhouses, for open ground

When choosing tomatoes for their plot, gardeners, first of all, rely on varietal or hybrid characteristics. Productivity is the most important criterion on which the quantity and quality of the harvest depends. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right option from the rich variety of tomatoes for open ground and greenhouses. Then varieties are selected depending on the growing region, ripening period, degree of disease resistance and other factors.

Bull's heart

Tomatoes of the Bull's Heart variety can be safely placed at the head of all ratings, since these tomatoes have won worldwide fame. Various photos of the best varieties of tomatoes will help you understand what these famous tomatoes look like.

There are many varieties of this type of tomato, but in shape and size they all correspond to their prototype. The features of this tomato are as follows:

  • Has a medium late ripening period
  • Fruit weight – up to 220 grams, heart-shaped
  • Ox hearts have fleshy, aromatic pulp that is suitable for salads and canning.
  • The stems are tall and need tying and support.

This is one of the best sweet tomato varieties that can be grown in the garden. It is necessary to plant Bull's Heart in a sunny area; the bushes need pinching and shaping.

De Barao

The famous De Barao variety is also famous for its unsurpassed qualities. This is a medium-late tall variety whose bushes can reach two meters in height.

The features of this tomato variety include the following qualities:

  • The fruits are plum-shaped, juicy and persistent
  • De Barao belongs to the productive tomato varieties
  • Tomatoes are stored for a long time and are used for salads, canning and drying.

The main advantages of this variety include its resistance to cold, shade tolerance and high yield. These outdoor tomato varieties also do well in greenhouses, making them very versatile.

Eagle beak

These are tasty and meaty tomatoes that are also in great demand. You can grow Eagle's Beak both in open ground and in a greenhouse; the variety itself belongs to tall plants.

The fruits of this tomato have an elongated shape, its pulp has a sweetish sugary taste, is distinguished by a small number of seeds, and is also very juicy and fleshy.

Its features include:

  • Excellent resistance to cold weather and high temperatures;
  • You can remove up to eight kilograms of tomatoes from one bush;
  • High keeping quality;
  • Used for salads, sauces and juices;

Eagle beak is grown using seedlings. Using these tomato varieties for a greenhouse is as easy as for open ground.

Disease-resistant varieties for central Russia

A greenhouse is an excellent structure that can recreate ideal conditions for growing tomatoes in central Russia, eliminating adverse natural influences. In greenhouses there is a high risk of plant infection with various diseases . For safety, varieties that are least susceptible to them are planted in them.

White filling

This variety is decades old and is distinguished by its excellent fruit taste and high yield. The plant has a determinate bush with a small variety of leaves on the stems; it does not need to be tied up - the height rarely reaches 60 cm, and there is no need for pinching either.

On one cluster of the White filling variety, up to 8 fruits weighing 100 g are formed. The variety is classified as early ripening, as it begins to bear fruit on the hundredth day.

From one square of greenhouse area you can get over 8 kg of fragrant fruits. The variety is resistant to many diseases, but does not tolerate thickening, so no more than 4 bushes should be planted per 1 square meter.


An excellent high-yielding variety with long-term fruiting, capable of producing over 9 kg of fruit per square. The tomato is 100 days old with a stem height of 1.5 m and requires staking and pinching. The variety's clusters are large; they produce 18 tomatoes weighing 70 grams each. The tomato variety Solnyshko is resistant to diseases, but does not tolerate thickening . For long-term fruiting, it requires regular watering, fertilizing and loosening the soil.

Dobrun F1

An excellent, high-yielding, mid-season hybrid with unlimited growth of the main stem. The bush is powerful, requiring garter, removal of side layers and pinching of the top.

The Dobrun F1 variety begins to bear fruit on the 110th day - up to 6 fruits weighing 200 g are formed on frequently located clusters.

Recommended sowing time is March, planting time is mid-May. Culture only for closed ground. With proper care, you can get over 10 kg of tasty, juicy, aromatic fruits from one meter of area. It is worth noting that this variety is perfectly stored - in room conditions it can be stored for up to one and a half months without loss of harvest.


A medium-sized variety with a bush height of 60 cm, determinate, which does not require staking and removal of lateral layers. The fruits begin to ripen on the 115th day from the moment of germination. The weight of one tomato is 280 grams. From 1 square meter you can harvest over 10 kg of Gina variety . In addition to high yield, a feature of the variety is the uniform ripening of fruits. Tomato has strong disease resistance.

We invite you to watch a video about the Gina tomato variety:

Red Arrow

An early-ripening, high-yielding hybrid - from 1 square meter you can produce up to 30 kg of small-sized fruits. The bush grows a meter high and begins to produce crops after 95 days. A plant with good immunity to many viral infections. The variety is intended for closed ground and requires good care.


It is worth paying attention to the following varieties of high-yielding tomatoes for greenhouses:

  1. Altaechka.
  2. Icicle.
  3. Khutorskoy salting.
  4. Belgorod cream.
  5. Bull's heart.

The high yield of tomatoes depends not only on the chosen variety; you should not neglect timely watering, fertilizing, and optimal conditions for the good development and growth of tomatoes.

Golden domes

These are yellow varieties of tomatoes that have gained great popularity. The advantages of this variety include the following qualities:

  • High yield
  • Great tomato taste
  • Disease resistance
  • Growing in open ground and greenhouse

This variety has virtually no drawbacks, which is why it is so loved by many gardeners. The fruits are used fresh, and juices can also be made from them. Tomato size ranges from 200 to 400 grams, some of them can reach a weight of 750 grams.

The only drawback is poor keeping quality, since these tomatoes are not stored for a long time. Golden Domes are large varieties of tomatoes that are as big as the famous Bull's Heart.

Varieties for individual regions

For each region there are new tomatoes zoned for the local climate. Accurate information about the tested varieties is available in the State Register. Plants adapted to the weather conditions of the region reach their full potential.

For the Moscow region

The rating of tomatoes opens with the Pink Tulip variety. A variety of amateur selection, mid-season, tall (1.5−2 m), indeterminate type. There are 4-6 ovaries in the hand. The pepper-shaped fruits are shaped like a tulip bud. There are few seeds in the pulp; it has a mild, pleasant taste. Weight 200−400 g, yield 3 kg per bush.

This season you should pay attention to interesting varieties:

  1. Legend Tarasenko. There are few leaves on the bushes, but there are many huge clusters with beautiful rounded fruits. Tomatoes with a spout will ripen throughout the season. They are suitable for all types of processing.
  2. Bendrik's cream. A very productive hybrid - 8 kg per bush. Cream weighing 80−100 g comes in 2 colors: yellow, red. The bushes have one stem and are grown in the garden and greenhouse. Up to 25 ovaries are formed in the brush.
  3. Psamatha. Bred in Canada, very productive, mid-season. Bushes of indeterminate type have 2-3 stems. The tomatoes are brown-purple, weighing 40-50 g. About 3 kg of them are harvested from one plant.
  4. Bloody butcher. The variety was bred in the Netherlands for cultivation in greenhouses. Plant of indeterminate type (2 m). Fruits weighing 50−90 g, red. In the Moscow region, the first tomatoes ripen at the end of June.
  5. Baker's grandmother. This tomato is for greenhouses. Bushes 1.5−1.8 m high have 1-2 stems. Ripe fruits are red in color, round in shape, weighing 300-700 g and ripen in 100 days. One plant produces 3 kg of fruit.
  6. Barrel. An early ripening hybrid ripens in 100 days. Each stem produces 5 clusters with 6 ovaries. Bushes of indeterminate type, powerful. There are many stepchildren. Advantages: drought and heat resistance.

Not all gardeners receive the harvest stated on the package. This is not due to the quality of the seeds, but due to violations of agricultural practices and bad weather.

For the middle band

At the end of February, seeds are sown for greenhouses, in March - for open ground. The ranking of varieties is based on the results of past seasons:

  1. Sea Horse. Grown for harvesting in vegetable gardens and greenhouses. Bushes 120−180 cm high love the sun. The fruits have an original shape, they look like light bulbs. When ripe, they are bright red, weigh 100−150 g. Productivity is 5 kg per bush.
  2. Mascot. Productivity does not depend on the weather. The bushes are compact, determinate type, 50 cm high. The fruits are not large (20 g), red.
  3. June. A variety for busy gardeners. The bushes do not need to be pinched; they do not grow higher than 50 cm. Early harvest (100−110 days) - 8 kg/m². The tomatoes are not large - up to 60 g, classic red, round.
  4. Golden Canary. Interesting yellow fruits with a spout weigh 70 g. They are grown for canning.
  5. Red butter heart. The shape of the fruit is heart-shaped, beautiful, the weight of outstanding specimens is up to 1 kg. The variety is productive - 5 kg per plant.
  6. Figs (red, pink, yellow). New productive variety – 25 kg/m². Ripening period is 100−110 days.
  7. Flyashen. German selection. Small (40−70 g) fruits are collected in clusters. They are red and finger-shaped. They are dried, canned, and frozen.

Comment! Flyashen is a variety, so you can use your seeds for the next season.

For the Urals and Siberia

For the 2022 season, we can recommend productive varieties whose fruits will have time to ripen before the August cold snap:

  • Minusinsk glasses;
  • Altai orange;
  • Cornabel;
  • Bison (series);
  • Budenovka;
  • Dragon tooth.

Monomakh's hat

A very common tomato variety that can be classified as a pink tomato variety. Tomatoes have a sweet and sour taste; the fruits have a slightly flattened shape. The variety is very resistant to various diseases, and with proper care, the size of the fruit can reach 900 grams.

Initially, the variety was created for open ground, but it is also suitable for greenhouses. The only feature that needs to be taken into account when growing Monomakh's Cap is that this tomato variety does not tolerate acidic soil. You can harvest up to eight kilograms of tomatoes from one bush.

Tomato variety "Gazpacho"

I have only had 3 seasons of experience growing this variety, but I already value it. The bushes grow to a height of about 40 cm. I plant 40-day-old seedlings in the garden at the end of May; the plant is resistant to disease. The fruits grow up to 80 g and are tasty. When ripe, tomatoes do not fall off the bush. Tomatoes are suitable for both fresh eating and preparation.

Black Crimea

Very popular are black tomatoes of the Black Crimea variety, which are tall varieties of tomatoes. In the garden bed, each bush needs space, since the bushes themselves are very spreading.

The features of this variety include the following qualities:

  • The fruits have a fleshy core and a sweet and sour taste.
  • From one bush you can remove from four to eight kilograms of fruit
  • Tomatoes are ideal for salads; juices and fruit drinks are also often made from them

Black Crimea has medium-early ripening; ripe fruits have a dark burgundy color. This variety of tomatoes can be planted in open ground and in a greenhouse.

Black Crimea needs careful care, including regular watering and fertilizers.

Tomato variety "Pinocchio"

This is a wonderful variety that produces small fruits, but this does not make it lose its attractiveness for me; I really like it. A productive variety whose fruits grow weighing about 20 grams. This variety can be grown in the garden and in a pot. The plant grows and bears fruit with virtually no care.

And in the past incredibly hot (2021) summer, there were only 5 bushes of “Pinocchio” and 3 more bushes of another small-fruited variety (unfortunately I don’t know the name, because it was given to me by an old lady on the bus - she sold seedlings in the regional center, and did not sell these bushes), which I first tried to grow in containers: I cut off the top of 5-6 liters of bottles, and having made holes in the bottom to allow excess moisture to escape, I planted the grown seedlings, filling the “pot” halfway with soil, and as it grew I simply added soil (about 10 in total). cm the soil level has increased from the initial one in the landing tank).

So, these “pots” of mine with small-fruited tomatoes, when at the end of June it became about +40 degrees in the shade, I removed them from the sun into the partial shade of the garden. Of course, I watered and fed them, like all the tomatoes in the garden. And these small bushes were able to please me with fruits all summer, for which I am very grateful. And in the garden, out of my 25 bushes originally planted, by the end of summer only 6 bushes remained, which began to bear fruit only after August 16, when it got colder to +27 during the day and 18-20 at night.

And before that incredible heat left (in July and early August it reached +42 in the shade), the flowers from my tomato bushes that were in the beds in the sun simply fell off, and the bushes themselves burned, as if in an oven - I watered them, shaded them , but at some point the foliage and twigs became lifeless, drying out. I’m very sorry for the dead bushes, as well as for my labors! Therefore, unfortunately, I cannot boast about the good harvest of last summer - such heat was the first time in my memory in our, generally not southern, regions.

Now I’m thinking about growing some of the tomato bushes that are not tall and with fruits that are not very large in size in containers so that they can be transported if unfavorable weather conditions suddenly occur. And until now, 2 Pinocchio tomato plants live on my windowsill, stretching out a little, and not in a compact bush, like in the ground in the summer (at the same time they bear fruit!), and it’s already January. I attach a photo of my favorite small-fruited varieties of red tomatoes.

Black Cherry

The Black Cherry tomato variety is a cherry tomato variety. This type of tomato was discovered in the USA and is suitable for open ground and greenhouses.

Tomatoes have a very attractive appearance, they are dark and very sweet in taste. These tomatoes need to be cared for especially carefully, as they need light, warmth and mineral fertilizers.

Black Cherries are used in salads and are also used in desserts. There are also low-growing varieties of cherry tomatoes, which include Biathlon, Arctic and many others.

Pink honey

The variety produces large first fruits (up to 1.5 kg), the weight of subsequent fruits is up to 800 grams (they are distinguished by their meatiness). The shoots are tall. Not suitable for canning, but excellent for preparing salads, juices, adjika, etc. It is recommended to carry out prophylaxis with biological products.

Large-fruited peppers: 5 varieties worth paying attention to

Photos of the best varieties of tomatoes

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