New varieties of tomatoes for 2022 for greenhouses and open ground

What varieties of tomatoes are considered the best?

Of course, there is no clear answer to this question.
The choice depends on your taste preferences and what plans you have for this harvest. In this selection, we tried to select the most common varieties of tomatoes that are in greatest demand among summer residents. 1.Asvon. The fruits of this variety are perfectly round in shape. These tomatoes are suitable for whole pickling. The skin is elastic, which helps them not crack during processing. Bush plant of compact size. It is not fussy to care for, but at the same time it is very productive.

2. Bonner Beste. These fruits are also ideal for pickling. The tomatoes are small in size, about 100g, tasty and sweet in taste. The bush is tall and requires replanting and removal of stepsons.

3. Snow leopard. The variety is highly resistant to temperature changes. The fruits are very tasty and versatile in use. The bush is low and does not require pinching. As the fruits begin to fill, the bush should be tied to a support, since the tomatoes are quite large in comparison with the short growth of the plant.

4. Darenka. The classically shaped fruits are very tasty and dense. Suitable for any type of use. The bushes are long, up to 110m. They require removal of stepchildren and timely gartering.

5. Eternal call. Large tomatoes with high taste. The average fruit size is 400g.

6. Astrakhan. The pulp is unusually fleshy and tasty. The fruits are large, with elastic, glossy skin.

7. Little Red Riding Hood. The fruits are universal for any type of processing. Tasty and juicy.

The most productive tomatoes

High-yielding tomato varieties are always very popular. According to the type of growth, they can all be divided into two large groups: tall and standard. The first requires mandatory garter and shaping. The latter are unpretentious dwarfs that bear fruit even at low temperatures and insufficient light. Below we consider in detail the 10 best varieties of tomatoes for open ground and greenhouses.


Takes first position in the ranking of the best tomatoes of 2019. An early-ripening, high-yielding hybrid from the famous Japanese manufacturer Kitano Seeds. Average yields are about 10 kg per sq.m. Due to their dense consistency, the fruits are ideal for pickling and pickling. Among the advantages, it should be noted excellent resistance to heat and lack of moisture.

Snow Leopard

An unpretentious variety, well suited for growing in difficult climatic conditions. According to the characteristics and description, it has low bushes that do not require shaping or staking. Valued for its excellent taste, resistance to temperature changes and unpretentiousness. Manages to fill the fruits before the widespread spread of late blight. This tomato variety can be planted by direct sowing in open ground.

Rio Grande

Medium late with smooth fruits weighing about 100 grams. Characterized by a limited growth pattern and bushes of medium height. Depending on climatic conditions, it can be used for growing without seedlings, which greatly simplifies agricultural technology and reduces labor costs. Requires partial stepsoning. The fruits are oval-cuboid, rich red in color with excellent taste and thick skin. Of the main advantages, especially noteworthy is the high resistance to verticillium and fusarium. Due to the high transportability of tomatoes, it is suitable for commercial cultivation.

Eternal Call

Early ripening, limited growth type with giant fruits. The bushes are spreading and require shaping and staking. The average weight of tomatoes is 800-900 grams. The fruits are small-seeded, with delicate sugary pulp and rich tomato flavor. When grown, the plants form 2 or 3 stems. If agricultural practices are followed and fertilizers are applied in a timely manner, the yield reaches 9 kg per plant.


Author's variety for open ground from agro. The bushes are determinate, low, with moderately developed leaf mass, no more than 50 cm high. Requires partial pinching. The fruits are elongated and, after ripening, remain on the bush for a long time.

Attention! To obtain early production, this tomato must be formed into one stem.


Mid-season, standard variety. Valued for excellent fruit evenness. Tomatoes weighing 100 grams, red, with dense, sweet flesh, do not crack. In seedlings it is not prone to stretching. It is distinguished by a long fruiting period and high yield rates. Resistant to drought and soil salinity. When planting, an interval of at least 50 cm is maintained between plants.


Pink-fruited, high-yielding. Characterized by medium fruit-filling times and limited growth. Does not require pinching, which greatly simplifies cultivation. When planting seedlings per 1 sq. m place no more than 5 plants. Due to the abundant fruiting, the bushes may fall over, so it is advisable to tie them to stakes or a trellis.

Little Red Riding Hood

An early ripening tomato originally from Germany. Thanks to the small, standard bushes, it can be used for growing indoors. The fruits are round, red, weighing 50 grams. Red cap adapts perfectly to various growing conditions and also has increased resistance to the most common diseases. It takes about 95 days from sowing to the time of filling tomatoes. Among the advantages, it is worth noting consistently high yields, excellent taste and complete absence of cracking.


One of the best mid-season agro tomatoes. Characterized by plants of medium height and carpal type of ovary formation. In each of them it forms 5-6 one-sized tomatoes with sugary pulp and rich taste. The skin and pulp are dense. With proper care, the yield is up to 4 kg per plant. Requires fixation to stakes or trellis. The best results can be achieved when forming 2-3 stems.

Advice! To obtain earlier production, part of the plants can be formed into one stem. But it should be taken into account that the yield of such bushes will be significantly lower.

Bonner Beste

An ancient variety originally from Denmark. It was withdrawn in 1957. Mid-season, unlimited growth type, with high yields. Characterized by the carpal type of ovary formation. The tomatoes are red, round, weighing about 50 grams. Among the main advantages, one can note the immunity to the main diseases of nightshades. When growing, it requires shaping and tying to stakes. The highest yield can be achieved when 2-3 shoots are formed.

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New varieties of Siberian selection for 2022

Almost every gardener tries to plant new varieties of tomatoes in his garden or greenhouse; here are a few new products from Siberian selection that everyone will love.

Variety Strawberry tree

Mid-early indeterminate tomato, with a growing season of 100-110 days. The plant is grown mainly in greenhouse conditions, reaching 2 meters in height.

The fruits are similar in shape to strawberries; 6-9 pieces grow on a cluster. The peel is dense. The color is bright red with lighter inclusions. The pulp is juicy, dense, tasty, fleshy, sourish-sweet. Weight – 120-250 grams. The fruits are used fresh and in various preparations.

The yield of one plant is 4-5 kilograms of fruit, a meter of beds is about 12 kilograms.

Hybrid variety Pink large

Early ripening determinate tomato, with a growing season of 95-97 days. The plant is grown under a film cover or in a greenhouse. Its height reaches 1.1-1.3 meters.

The fruits are round, 4-5 pieces grow in a cluster. The peel is dense. The color is pink-raspberry. The pulp is tasty and dense. Weight – 250-300 grams. Universal use.

The yield of one meter is from 6 to 22 kilograms of fruit, depending on growing conditions and agricultural technology.

Variety Hospitable

Mid-season determinate tomato, ripening from the moment of germination in 115-120 days. The plant grows both in open and protected soil. Its height reaches 1 meter.

The fruits are flat-rounded, 5-7 fruits grow on the cluster. The peel is durable. The color is pink and bright crimson. The pulp is fleshy and sweet. Weight – 400-1000 grams. Application: salad. From one meter 8-10 kilograms of fruit are collected.

Hybrid variety Bull's eye

Early indeterminate cherry tomato, ripening 95 days after germination. It is grown under film cover, in greenhouses and open ground. Plants 2 meters or more in height.

The fruits are round, 20-40 pieces grow on a cluster. The peel is glossy. The color is dark red. Weight – 20-40 grams. The fruits are used in salads and are suitable for canning and pickling. Productivity - from 9.7 to 37 kilograms per square meter (depending on the place of cultivation).

Hybrid variety Novosibirsk hit

Early ripening determinate tomato, with a growing season of 90-95 days. The plant is quite tall - up to 1.5 meters.

The fruits are flattened and round, with pronounced ribbing, 4-5 pieces grow on the cluster. The peel is durable. The color is red. The pulp is sugary, aromatic, fleshy, small-chambered. Weight – 350-700 grams. The fruits have a salad purpose.

From 1 bush you get about 7-9 kilograms of fruit.

Barnaul canning variety

An early, determinate tomato, ripening in 95-105 days. The plant is grown under film and in open ground. Its height is 30-50 centimeters.

The fruits are elongated, 12 pieces grow on one cluster. The peel is dense, glossy. The color is red or red-orange. The pulp is dense, tasty, sourish-sweet. Weight – 50-80 grams. Universal use.

The yield per square meter is 5-6 kilograms.

Hybrid variety Date red

Mid-season determinate tomato. It is grown in a greenhouse and under film cover. The plant reaches a height of 0.5-1.5 meters.

The fruits are plum-shaped, with a pointed nose, 6-8 pieces ripen in a cluster. The peel is smooth and dense. The color is bright red. The pulp is aromatic, sweetish, with fruity notes, fleshy, juicy. Weight – 20 grams. Productivity is high.

What large-fruited tomatoes will we plant in 2022?

Indeterminate tomato, which means the bush can grow unlimited in height. Quite large fruits (up to 500 g), fleshy and multi-chambered. It has a fairly high yield. There are pink and yellow color variations of the fruit. Good resistance to common diseases of the tomato family.

Bull's heart

Another popular and time-tested variety that shows good results year after year. Its seeds can be found from almost every company: Aelita, Sedek, Search, Gavrish, Plasma Seeds, Russian Vegetable Garden, Semko, etc. This is a “grandmother’s” variety that will never let you down. Grows up to 150 cm in greenhouses and up to 100 cm without protection. Weight of tomatoes up to 600 g. More details

described in a special material "CiO".

In addition to the standard colors, the line has orange, yellow, and black fruit colors. According to the ripening period, it belongs to the mid-late varieties. It is best to grow these tomatoes in protected ground. The bushes are quite tall and require shaping according to all the rules. The taste is without sourness, velvety. In terms of weight, record tomatoes can reach 800 g.

Every year the demand for varieties that ripen early is increasing. The reason for this is the short summer, lack of sun and heat. In such conditions, growing and harvesting a good harvest is a serious problem. Let's look at several varieties of plants that will help cope with the situation.


It is characterized by early ripening, the first fruits are harvested after 95 days, tomatoes can be planted in the ground. The stems are tall, reaching 2 meters in length. To increase productivity, it is worth forming a bush with one or two stems.


A variety not intended for cultivation in the ground, exclusively for greenhouses or under film cover. The advantages are high yield, resistance to weather conditions, early ripening. The fruits should be collected after 95 days; the bush reaches a height of 2 meters.

Rating of the best varieties of tomatoes for open ground

As a rule, standard varieties with early or medium ripening are grown without shelter. The most promising in this category are:

  1. Gina. These tomatoes can be grown in open beds. The length of the vines is 0.5–0.6 m. Each tomato weighs on average 0.2 kg, per bush - up to 4 kg.
  2. Lojane. Mid-season variety. The bush does not grow higher than 0.7 m, and you can get up to 8 kg from each. The fruits are large, 0.2–0.25 kg. The variety is particularly resistant to drought and high temperatures.
  3. El Dorado. Shoots up to 0.9 m high require garter. Tomatoes of this variety ripen in approximately 110 days. The fruits weigh up to 400 g, are yellow, and have a sweetish taste. The yield from each bush can be 3–4 kg. Recommended for the southern regions of the country.
  4. Red Fang. It is classified as low-growing, the height of the bush is no more than 0.8 m. It has characteristic elongated fruits weighing 40–60 g. Each bush can produce 3–4 kg of tomatoes.
  5. Giant. The variety is loved by many precisely for the weight of the fruit, which is 0.2–0.5 kg, and some weigh up to 1 kg.

How to choose tomato varieties for different regions of Russia

In order for tomatoes to produce a good harvest, it is necessary to select varieties individually according to favorable conditions.

For the Moscow region

Special varieties have been bred for this region, such as:

— Alenka;

— Dick Rose;

- Explosion.

For the middle band

Climate conditions in the middle zone make it possible to grow many varieties, but the most acceptable varieties will be those that are resistant to pests.

For the Urals

For the cold climate of the Urals, frost-resistant varieties are suitable, such as:

- Titanic

— Kostroma

- Wonderful lady

And in greenhouses you can quite successfully grow other varieties.

For Siberia

New varieties from breeders are suitable for this region of the country:

— Bison;

- Berdnik;

— Generator.

The best varieties of tomatoes from Siberian selection

Tomatoes of Siberian selection are popular in Russia and abroad. They are resistant to diseases, temperature changes and have good productivity, in addition they have many other good qualities.


Variety Rosemary
The best high-yielding tomatoes of the Siberian selection include: Anastasia, Azure Giant, Rosemary, Havana Cigar, Russian Empire, Velmozha, Ultra-early, King of the Giants, Grandmother's Secret, Pride of Siberia, Great Warrior, Sensei, Alsou, Scarlet Candles, King of Siberia, Golden domes, Siberian Troika, Monastic meal, Demidov, Bull's forehead, Sevruga, Siberian miracle.

Precocious (early)

Variety Siberian Express
Early ripening varieties and hybrids are: Siberian early ripening, Ultra early ripening, Gaiduk, Siberian express, Damask steel, Bull's eye, Pride of Siberia, Petrusha gardener, Dubok, Countryman, Olya, Mystery of nature, Lady's fingers, Vasily, Novosibirsk hit.


Variety Big Momma
The following varieties and hybrids can boast of large and tasty tomatoes: Pride of Siberia, Velmozha, Alsou, Abakan pink, Heart of a buffalo, Sevruga, King of the Giants, King of Siberia, Siberian Troika, Great Warrior, Hospitable, Novosibirsk Hit, Grandmother's Secret, Berdsky Large , Siberian Trump, Golden Domes, St. Andrew's Surprise, Novikova's Giant, Heavyweight of Siberia, Big Momma, Samokval, Mystery of Nature, Pink Honey.


Variety Greek
The sweetest tomatoes are: Siberian apple, King of Siberia, Greek, Nobleman, Scarlet candles, Buffalo heart, Golden domes, Ultra early ripening, Great warrior, Big mom, Honey saved, Red date, Monastic meal, Pink honey, Demidov, Siberian troika.


Variety Pink Stella
Carpal varieties include: Siberian surprise, Scarlet candles, Havana cigar, Great warrior, Siberian miracle, Ultra early ripening, Siberian trump, Strawberry tree, Siberian abundant, Abakan pink, Siberian troika, Bull's forehead, Red date, Barnaul canning, Bull eye, Pink Stella, King of Siberia.


Variety Anastasia Varieties
and hybrids characterized by low growth: Siberian early ripening, Siberian surprise, Azure giant, Anastasia, Monastic meal, Ultra early ripening, Siberian Troika, Countryman, Snezhana, Buffalo Heart, Pink large, Velmozha, Anastasia, Rosemary, Big Momma, Oak, Siberian trump card.

Tomatoes of Siberian selection have many advantages and therefore they are loved and grown by gardeners in many regions of Russia and beyond. Each gardener chooses for himself whether to grow them in a greenhouse or in open ground, but in any case he is sure that they will grow and produce a good harvest.


A delicious sweet tomato for lovers of pink varieties. A characteristic feature of the fruits of this variety is their dense structure and thin skin, which makes them excellent for salads, for decorating various dishes, and for preservation.

Features of the “Ladnenky” variety:

  • plant size – up to 130 cm;
  • fruit weight – about 40 grams;
  • the beginning of fruiting is on the 110th day, which makes planting the plant in the northern regions of the country impractical.

More useful information about when and how to sow tomatoes for seedlings this winter can be found in the article “Planting tomatoes for seedlings and in a greenhouse in 2022.”

For open ground

Of the thousands of varieties, it is difficult to choose tomatoes that will bear fruit both in the southern regions and in the middle zone. Many summer residents and gardeners prefer to plant in the garden:

  1. De barao. Tomatoes weighing 100 g ripen within 4 months; up to 4 kg can be harvested from one bush.
  2. Bull's heart. The pink fruits are surprising in size; they ripen 120 days after planting in the garden; the weight of one tomato is 500 grams.
  3. Cio-Cio-San. Tomatoes weigh 50 g each and have an excellent taste.

In open ground, standard varieties of tomatoes, which have a low trunk and compact roots, take root better and are less affected by diseases. They are easy to care for, no need to tie them up or tear off the stepsons.

Among the standard varieties in the ranking for 2022, the leaders are:

  1. El Dorado. Tomato shoots do not reach a meter; each bush ripens up to 4 kg of yellow tomatoes. Individual specimens weigh 400 grams.
  2. Gina. The height of the plant, which appeared thanks to Dutch breeders, is only slightly more than 50 cm. In the south, the seeds are sown directly in the field. Up to 6 tomatoes with thick skin and bright red flesh ripen on a bunch.
  3. Lojane. The mid-early hybrid is attractive due to its appearance, resistance to drought and heat, high yield and transportability. Up to 8 kg of large tomatoes with juicy pulp of classic color are harvested from the bush.
  4. Red Fang. The plant rarely suffers from fusarium or rot, is almost not affected by fungi, and takes root in Siberia. The oblong fruits weighing 50 g ripen within 90 days after sowing.

These varieties are planted not only by summer residents and owners of suburban areas. They are cultivated by farmers.

For greenhouses

In mid-latitudes, tomatoes do not always have time to ripen; plants die during early fogs and late spring frosts. Many people plant tomatoes in a greenhouse, selecting early hybrids:

  1. Swallowtail F is valued for its excellent taste; tomatoes weighing about 200 g begin to ripen on the 96th day after sowing.
  2. The determinate variety Harlequin F1 is characterized by medium growth. One cluster bears up to 9 fruits, which, when ripe, acquire a bright red color.
  3. Friend F. The hybrid bushes produce a significant number of round tomatoes; they begin to ripen after 3 months and weigh 100 grams.

The Yakimanka E1 tomato is excellent for planting in a greenhouse; it has a powerful above-ground part; the fruits are valued for their good transportability and taste.

Early and low-growing varieties

After 70 days, Benito hybrid tomatoes ripen. On a bush 50 cm high, up to 20 cream-shaped tomatoes are tied. They have a dense and strong skin of a bright red color.

Maksimka ripens 5 days later. The spreading bush does not boast a large number of leaves, its height does not exceed 60 cm, but the plant produces a good harvest of tomatoes with a smooth surface and orange skin.

The standard Ultra-early ripening variety feels good both in the garden bed and in the greenhouse. The bush has an attractive appearance, the fruits on the shoots are tied in clusters, they are picked after 70 days. Up to 15 kg of tomatoes are harvested per square meter.

Medium-sized, large-fruited red and pink varieties

Most summer residents prefer to plant tomatoes that have a classic color; hybrids with yellow or orange fruits are grown less frequently. The most popular among medium-sized varieties are:

  • Virtuoso F1;
  • Courchevel F1;
  • Blagovest F1.

The bushes of these hybrids reach 1.80 meters in height and are cultivated in greenhouses and open ground. After 110–130 days, red tomatoes ripen, having fleshy pulp and weighing from 110 to 160 grams. The first fruits of the Bull's heart weigh up to 0.5 kg.

Many gardeners believe that the tastiest and sweetest tomatoes are pink. The varieties that gardeners like most with tomatoes of this color include:

  • Alesi;
  • The Scarlet Flower;
  • Anna Russian;
  • Bulgarian miracle;
  • Pink;

Tomato bushes are tied to a support and planted. The fruits of the Banzai variety weigh about 160 g, Alesi - 300, Bulgarian miracle - up to 700 grams.

Middle and late greenhouse varieties

If you compile a rating of tomatoes, you can include various tomatoes that, according to recommendations, should be grown in greenhouse conditions. In order not to make a mistake in the process of choosing the appropriate variety, familiarize yourself with the rules that experienced gardeners recommend adhering to.

How to choose the required type:

  1. Pay attention to the characteristics, as well as the conditions required for cultivation.
  2. Consider the average size of tomatoes, early maturity, plant height and soil quality.

It is believed that all varieties grown in greenhouse conditions differ in size and therefore require garter. Productivity varies, the fruits are large, medium or small. You can select tomatoes based on other characteristics, based on taste.

The following tomatoes are conventionally called the best for growing in greenhouses:

  • Kasamori;
  • Cio Cio San;
  • Honey saved;
  • Pink Paradise.

These varieties are resistant to diseases, the yield indicator is at an average level. They tolerate temperature changes and stressful situations very well.

If you are faced with poor productivity of tomatoes, even when growing them in greenhouse conditions, then you can choose varieties that do not ripen quickly. Such fruits are harvested in polycarbonate greenhouses, but a good harvest can also be grown in film shelters.

King of Kings

Despite their sought-after characteristics, tomatoes like these are not easy to find. They are rarely grown, and hybrid fruits are not suitable for collecting seeds. The bushes of the plant are large, up to 180 centimeters. The yield is high, but growing tomatoes will have to comply with the conditions.


For the first time in our country, plants of this variety appeared in 2008. Gardeners consider such tomatoes to be good for several reasons: high yield, unpretentiousness of the hybrid, the ability to get a good yield with a minimum amount of effort.

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Compact tomato with a bush height of no more than 60 centimeters. The inflorescences are large, with good yields and all conditions being met, it is possible to collect about 7 kilograms of fruit from one bush.

Since the variety was cultivated in Siberia, it tolerates frost well, is suitable for cultivation in the ground, and in greenhouse conditions it is possible to increase productivity.

Pink spam

If you are familiar with Bull's Heart tomatoes, then you can fully consider yourself to have grown Pink Spam. These plants have similar characteristics: large fruits, tall bushes, excellent yield.

Tomato seeds for open ground without pinching (low-growing tomatoes)

Many gardeners are sure that pinching is an integral part of growing any type of tomato. This is certainly a correct opinion. After all, extra shoots take away strength from the stem to saturate the fruit. However, modern breeders have developed tomato varieties that do not require the removal of shoots. We will consider such types for open ground right now.

1.Fighter. Development of Siberian collectors. Resistant to drought and low temperatures, which allows you to give clear results in extreme open ground conditions.

2. Snowdrop. The name characterizes the frost resistance of the variety. The fruits are of different sizes - the lower ones can reach 400g, the upper ones - 100g.

3. Gnome. Early ripening variety. The size of the fruit is about 80 grams. This type of tomato is one of the highest-yielding small-sized tomatoes.

For open ground

The Ultra early ripening variety of Sibsad tomatoes is a determinate early ripening variety. The bushes reach a height of about 1 m. The bright red, oval-shaped fruits ripen after 70-75 days. 6-8 tomatoes are formed on a brush, each of which weighs a little more than 100 g. They are very juicy and sweet with a glossy and dense skin. Can be used for salads and various preparations.

The determinate mid-season variety Monastic Meal produces a harvest 125 days after these tomato seeds for open ground are sown. The bush grows about 1 m. Round, smooth and sweet tomatoes have a dense and smooth skin. Each fruit can reach a weight of 15 to 400 g. Tomatoes are used both for salads and for preparing various preparations. You can enjoy ripe White filling 241 tomatoes 3 months after the seedlings have sprouted. The bushes grow up to 40 cm, and 6 medium-sized fruits are formed on the clusters. They are intended for salads.

The indeterminate variety King of the Giants is a mid-season crop that ripens 115 days after the first shoots appear. They grow tall, about 2 m. The tomatoes themselves are round, slightly flattened, with a thick skin. The color is bright red, and a green spot can be seen near the stalk. The pulp, consisting of 7-8 parts, is distinguished by its meatiness and juiciness, with a sweet and sour taste. The weight of the fruit can reach 1 kg. Universal application. Bulat tomatoes stand out for their excellent presentation. This early crop reaches a height of about 80 cm. It is distinguished by the uniform ripening of red spherical tomatoes weighing approximately 200 g. The fruits are very tasty and tolerate transportation well.


The vegetable is valued for its taste and durability during transportation.

The mid-season variety Siberian Trump belongs to the determinant variety. On the 110th day after the formation of seedlings, it will be possible to feast on fruits that have a flattened-round shape and weak ribbing. They have thick skin. Very juicy and fleshy pulp is colored raspberry-red. From 5 to 15 tomatoes weighing from 300 to 700 g are harvested from one bunch. The yield from one bush is 5-7.5 kg. Tomatoes are used to make salads.

Gribovsky early ripening is a low-growing plant. It is distinguished by a large number of ovaries and a small number of leaves. Ripe fruits have the shape of a medium-sized ball. The flesh is red and covered with a smooth skin. Thanks to adaptation to the conditions of Siberia, the plant tolerates morning frosts well.

Black Pearl

These are cherry tomatoes, the fruits grow in clusters. The vegetable got its name from its dark blue skin. Tomatoes are unpretentious and yield early.

The tomatoes are dense and taste sweet. They can be used to prepare salads and are also well used for preparing preserves.


The vegetable belongs to the early species. It is resistant to various diseases, but requires careful care. To obtain high yields, the plant must be grown in low acidic soil. In addition, tomatoes require a regular nutrient mixture that is applied to the soil. Tomatoes of this variety are also demanding when it comes to watering; they must be watered only with settled, warm water.

The fruits are medium in size, have fleshy pulp, dense skin. Tomatoes are ideal for storage. You can use them to prepare fresh meals and canned snacks.

Tomatoes for the greenhouse: the best varieties according to reviews from gardeners in 2018

At the beginning of the planting season, some gardeners think about what variety of tomatoes to choose for growing in a greenhouse this time? The reason for the hesitation may be different - some were not satisfied with the yield or taste of the fruits grown last year, others want to try something new.

To make the choice easier, let’s try to determine which varieties of tomatoes, according to user reviews in the past 2022, are the best:

  • tasty;
  • sweet.

The most delicious varieties of tomatoes

Taste preferences, as you know, vary from person to person. This also applies to assessing the taste properties of tomatoes. However, the juiciness of the fruit (not to be confused with “wateriness”), its aroma, the presence or absence of a harmonious combination of the main taste components in it, are perceived by the vast majority of people in approximately the same way and are a fairly objective basis for classifying the fruit as tasty or not.

According to reviews from most consumers, many domestic tomato varieties are superior to foreign ones in this parameter, including varieties from such famous breeding companies as Bejo Zaden or SYNGENTA AG, although they are inferior to them in a number of other characteristics (yield, transportability, disease resistance, etc.).

If we try to summarize the reviews, then the following are often called “delicious” varieties:

  • Dad pink;
  • Monomakh's hat;
  • Giant pink;
  • Budenovka;
  • Rosemary pound pink.

Note that pink varieties of tomatoes are on average less productive than red ones, but according to most people they have better taste. This list, of course, does not exhaust the “delicious” varieties, and other consumers may have their own favorite types of tomatoes.

Sweet varieties of tomatoes

The concept of a sweet variety of tomato compared to a “tasty” one is more specialized. And here, the majority of reviews also turned out to be on the side of domestic varieties over foreign ones.

This is explained simply. Foreign varieties are focused on commercial success - high yield, transportability, keeping quality, preservation of presentation for a long time.

Consumers respond well to such sweet varieties as:

  • Malachite Box;
  • Rose honey;
  • Truffle;
  • Dimensionless;
  • Bull's Heart;
  • Honey King;
  • Chernomor;
  • Orange giant.

There are also good reviews for other sweet varieties in all varieties of tomatoes based on the type of their skin - green, orange, pink, red and purple.

The best varieties of early ripening tomatoes

Early tomatoes usually ripen in 80–90 days. The most promising of these are the following:

  1. Alpha. A salad superdeterminate variety that grows only 0.5 m. The fruits are medium-sized, weighing 50–70 g. Ripens in 88–93 days.
  2. Amur standard. Salad variety grown under film and in open ground. Height 0.4–0.5 m. Fruits up to 150 g.
  3. Aphrodite F. Super early hybrid, ripening in just 75–80 days. Fruits 100–110 g, universal.
  4. Doll F. Ultra-early hybrid with a ripening period of 85–95 days. The fruits are universal, each 150–200 g.
  5. Maksimka. A super early variety, the fruits ripen in 70–80 days. Tomatoes weighing 80–100 g, purpose – universal.

Puzata hut

In terms of the number of votes received, it was not far from Monomakh's Cap. The appearance of these tomatoes fully explains the name. Large (300 g), pear-shaped, ribbed, just like squat gnome houses, these tomatoes ripen early - 105-110 days after planting the seedlings. True, they turn red gradually if there is a lot of heat and sun. They are grown in open ground and under film, where they ripen faster. The fruits are fleshy, taste very sweet and juicy.

The bushes are indeterminate, but even in a greenhouse their height rarely exceeds 170 cm. However, it will not be possible to do without shaping. The stems are thin and need staking, as they can lie down under the weight of the fruit. And the yield of these tomatoes, ripening in clusters of 3-5 pieces, is quite decent - 10-11 kg per bush. They are little susceptible to common cultural diseases, but preventive protective measures have never hurt anyone.

“This year I also want a Puzata hut. Last year a friend had them - just a miracle!” Marina Samoilova.

Yield varieties of tomatoes in 2022

Varieties that are most often planted in open ground are standard varieties with the shortest possible ripening time. Among them the following stand out:

  • Red Fang has elongated tomatoes weighing up to 60 g, but about 3 kg of harvest can be harvested from the bush;
  • Gina, which will produce fruit weighing about 200 g, with each bush having a yield of 4 kg;
  • Lojain promises slightly larger tomatoes, and a higher yield (8 kg), while it is characterized by increased resistance to drought.

In most of Russia, tomatoes are grown only in greenhouses. Therefore, you also need to know such new varieties of tomatoes for 2021

Gardeners can pay attention to the following names of early tomatoes:

  • Tornado F, with proper care, can please gardeners with a harvest of 8 kg;
  • Empire F will produce small fruits weighing up to 140 grams in the form of cream;
  • Samurai is distinguished by its pink color; a tomato weighing 200 g will produce a yield of about 4 kg;
  • De Barao are characterized as tomatoes with fruits weighing 100 g, which yield a yield from a bush of 4 kg;
  • Verlioka+ F is characterized as disease resistant;
  • Yakimanka F bears fruit with tomatoes weighing about 230 g.

New varieties of tomatoes recommended by breeders

  1. Watercolor. A variety that will produce a harvest within 100 days. Tomatoes are oval in shape and weigh from 80 to 120 g. Therefore, they are excellent for pickling. The undoubted advantage of these tomatoes is their good transportability and long shelf life.
  2. Alsou. It is a universal tomato for growing, since it can grow both in open ground and in a greenhouse. In the first case, it will grow 80 cm from the ground, and in a closed greenhouse it will stretch up to 1 m 20 cm. Its tomatoes grow weighing from 600 g to 1 kg. A good yield of tomatoes will allow you to eat plenty of fresh salads. Due to their size, they are not suitable for canning.
  3. Dimensionless. The name speaks for itself: its fruits weigh from 1 kg. It can be grown in open beds and greenhouses. The advantage of a tomato is its ability to sit for a long time. Moreover, the fruits do not crack when ripe.

Tomato varieties for 2022: the best producers

There are quite a lot of agricultural firms in Russia engaged in the production of seed products. Some of them have been on the market for a long time and have a well-deserved reputation for reliability. Here are some of them:

  • Vendor code. The company has been on the market for quite a long time (since 1990), but its name is not familiar to everyone. The lack of advertising is partly to blame here, however, the company’s clients almost unanimously note the high quality of the seeds.
  • SeDek. The company was founded in 1995 and is one of the leaders not only in seed production, but also in breeding work. Suffice it to say that more than 450 species of crops bred by the company’s specialists are included in the State Register.
  • Russian vegetable garden. The company carries out serious breeding and educational work and publishes its own magazine. It has its own department at the All-Russian Exhibition Center and in the Netherlands.
  • Gavrish. A company with more than 20 years of experience. Moreover, breeding work on tomatoes is one of the main activities of the company.
  • Aelita. A reputable company that entered the market more than 20 years ago. More than 400 varieties of various crops bred by this company are included in the State Register.

Of course, the list is far from complete. Breeding work is carried out by many agricultural companies, so new varieties of tomatoes appear with enviable regularity.

Tomatoes with large and giant fruits

New large-fruited tomatoes for 2022:

Gigantissimo F1 is a new hybrid for 2022 with early ripening (85 days from the date of sowing the seeds). The bushes are tall - up to 180 cm. The berries are large, spherical, flattened, weighing up to 1.4 kg. The pulp is juicy, sugary, aromatic. The color of the fruit is red. Application – preparation of salads, preparations for the winter.

Gigantissimo F1

Bull's heart is a new mid-season variety. The average shoot height is 100–120 cm. The growing season is 10–135 days from the date of seed germination. The core is sweet and fleshy. The berries are heart-shaped, raspberry-colored, weighing 400 g. Application: preparing salads.

Variety Bull's heart

King of the Giants is a new large-fruited salad variety. Plant height – 1.5–2 m. Growing season – 110–120 days from germination. The fruits are bright red, round, flattened. Their weight is 450–600 g, when grown in greenhouses - 800 g. Taste - sweet, with sourness. Amount of harvest per 1 sq. m – 8–9 kg.

Tomatoes King of the Giants

The best tomatoes for greenhouses

Tomatoes with a short growing season are suitable for summer greenhouses covered with plastic film, glass or cellular polycarbonate.

In such greenhouses you can get a good harvest of the following varieties:

  • Gina F1;
  • Shustrik;
  • St. Andrew's surprise;
  • White filling;
  • Pink flamingo;
  • De Barao;
  • Black-fruited varieties Kumato, Black Prince;
  • Evpator F1;
  • Golden heart;
  • NK Farmer;
  • Japanese truffle;
  • Pechersk;
  • Marfa F1;
  • Bull's Heart;
  • Yellowstone
  • NK Study;
  • Honey King;
  • Cherry (all varieties);
  • Bull's heart, Ox's heart.

Winter, permanent greenhouses are equipped with stoves, and water heating systems are installed in the buildings. Early maturing hybrid varieties are considered the best for greenhouses of this type:

  • NK Sprinter;
  • Raisa F1;
  • Miracle F1;
  • Rhapsody NK;
  • Evpator F1;
  • President II F1;
  • Verlioka;
  • Overture NK;
  • Vasilyevna F1;
  • NK Study;
  • Anabel F1;
  • Caspar;
  • NK Farmer;
  • Dobrun F1.

President II F1

President II F1 is a semi-determinate hybrid for greenhouses. The harvest ripens 62-65 days after planting in the soil. In the southern regions of Russia and the CIS countries, President II F1 is also cultivated in open ground.

The height of the bush reaches one and a half meters; the trunk of the plant and side branches are tied to trellises and poles. The plant is pruned several times per season. The fruits of the President II F1 tomato have a rich, bright red color, which in overripe tomatoes changes to orange-red.

The weight of a tomato reaches 350-380 grams. The pulp is sweetish and lacks the characteristic “tomato” taste. The skin of tomatoes is thick, they can be stored for up to a month and ripen well.

Raisa F1

Indeterminate hybrid tomato Raisa F1 is an unpretentious plant with a branched and powerful root system. To grow seedlings, use universal soils for nightshade crops. Plants need staking, pinching and bush formation. This is a high-yielding, early-ripening variety that bears fruit for more than a month.


This Dutch hybrid contains large amounts of vitamins A, C and beta-carotene. The tomato is intended exclusively for greenhouse cultivation. Yellowstone is classified as an indeterminate mid-season variety; the tomato growing season is 110-120 days. The stem of the plant grows up to 2 meters or more, the resulting lashes reach a meter in length without pinching.

The fruits have a rich yellow, dark yellow color. The average weight of round, flattened tomatoes reaches 300 grams, large fruits weigh 550-600 grams. 3-6 ovaries are formed on each brush. Yellowstone is a beef variety, as its fruits are “fleshy” (with a relatively small size of seed lobes). Tomatoes keep well until November.

Vasilyevna F1

Tomato Vasilyevna F1 is an indeterminate hybrid for indoor soils. This is an early-ripening, high-yielding variety (the growing season is no more than 100 days). The bush requires pinching of lashes and pinching. The plant produces one stem that grows 1.8 meters (or more). Several branches extend from the stem. A lot of red fruits ripen on the Vasilievna F1 tomato bushes.

Evpator F1

Eupator F1 grows best in greenhouse conditions. In areas with long, warm summers, it is also cultivated in open ground. The plant produces 2-3 stems and vines; the bushes need to be shaped and pinched. The tomato is an early ripening species; it takes about one hundred days from planting the seeds to harvesting the fruits.

This is a determinate hybrid. The height of the bushes is 70-90 cm, which allows you to plant Evpator F1 in low tunnel greenhouses. The round, bright red, deep red fruits weigh an average of 80 grams.

Sweet Cherry F1

The Sweet Cherry tomato is a high-yielding, ultra-early ripening variety; the time from planting seeds to harvest is 70-85 days. This indeterminate tomato grows up to 2 (or more) meters. Cherry bushes need frequent pinching, pruning and tying up vines. Up to 50 small round tomatoes of bright deep red and red color are tied on one complex or simple brush.

The diameter of the fruit is 1-3.5 cm, the weight of each tomato is 15-30 grams. The taste of Sweet Cherry is delicate and sweet (it is also called super sweet). This tomato is often called the “candy tree.”

Most tomatoes will grow better in greenhouses. The most interesting for gardeners may be:

  1. Tornado F. Mid-early hybrid. Ripens in 105–110 days. With proper care, the bush can mature up to 8 kg. It does not tolerate sudden changes in temperature, but has good immunity to most diseases.
  2. Empire F. This is an indeterminate type hybrid that matures in 100–105 days. The fruits are shaped like a plum, weighing from 90 to 140 g. Recommended for canning.
  3. Druzhok F. Early hybrid, determinate type, growing only up to 0.6 m. Fruits 100–110 g, good transportability.
  4. Sprinter F. Early hybrid. The fruits are red, weighing 150–200 g, universal.
  5. Samurai. Mid-early variety, ripening in 105 days. The fruits are pink, weighing up to 200 g. Productivity up to 4 kg.
  6. Swallowtail F. Early hybrid, ripening in 95–100 days. Fruit weight 180–220 g. Dessert variety with excellent taste.
  7. Verlioka Plus F. High-yielding hybrid, early ripening, resistant to most diseases. Fruits 120–150 g. Good taste.
  8. Harlequin F. Early hybrid (90–100 days). It is distinguished by good yield and unextended fruiting. Fruit weight – 150 g.
  9. Funtik F. Mid-season hybrid, ripening in 120 days. The average fruit weight is 200–240 g. Resistant to many tomato diseases.
  10. Yakimanka F. Young but promising mid-early hybrid. Fruits 220–240 g. Is immune to most tomato diseases.

High-yielding tomato varieties

Variety Golden Stream
The high yield of the variety is considered the most important indicator for most gardeners. Therefore, below is a list of super-yielding tomato varieties and hybrids with specific average values ​​declared by the originators:

  • Banana legs – 4…6 kg/bush;
  • Mongolian dwarf – up to 10 kg/bush;
  • Parsley gardener - 4...6 kg/bush;
  • Lazy - 6 kg/bush;
  • Golden Stream – 8 kg/m2;
  • Babushkino (only with good care, 12 large fruits are tied in the brush);
  • Early king -4...5 kg/bush;
  • Giant Novikova – 15…20 kg/m2;
  • King of kings – 5...8 kg/bush;
  • Truffle – 4…6 kg/bush;
  • Zhigalo – 20 kg/bush;
  • Dubrava – 5 kg/bush;
  • Niagara - 10 kg/bush;
  • Gina – 10 kg/m2;
  • Siberian early ripening - 7 kg/m2.

The best non-grafting varieties

Variety Parsley gardener
Pinching is an integral part of caring for many varieties of tomatoes, but for a long time there have been varieties that do not require this regular procedure at all. Of course, growing such tomatoes is considered easier and less labor-intensive. These tomatoes include:

  • Mongolian dwarf;
  • Parsley the gardener;
  • Golden Stream;
  • Dubrava;
  • Gina;
  • Siberian early ripening;
  • Turbojet.

The best varieties of tomatoes for open ground

Many gardeners grow tomatoes in open ground. It is for them that a list of the best varieties of tomatoes for growing outdoors has been compiled.

Mongolian dwarf

An early-ripening tomato, distinguished by its impressive fruit size - up to 200 g. It is not afraid of strong winds, and withstands unfavorable growing conditions - the tomatoes do not become spotted or crack.
The bush itself belongs to the low-growing determinate varieties and reaches a height of only 25 cm. The fruits are juicy, tasty, and have a bright red color. When planting seedlings, one should take into account the interesting ability of the bush to form many short fruit-bearing shoots; one copy occupies an area of ​​1 m2.

Parsley the gardener

The tomato has a mid-early fruiting period, the height of the bush reaches only 60 cm. It is possible to grow it in greenhouse conditions, but its yield is somewhat reduced, and the height of the bush will be 1...1.2 m.

The fruits are bright pink, oval, weighing 180...200 g, some specimens grow up to 300 g. The pulp is fleshy, sweet, with a high content of sugars. It tolerates drought conditions well, so it is suitable for gardeners who do not have the opportunity to be on their site every day.

Golden stream

The ultra-early ripening tomato is distinguished by the uniform ripening of fruits in clusters (6...8 pieces). The fruits are small - the weight of one is 80 g. The oval golden-colored fruits have dense, very sweet pulp with a high content of carotene and sugars. The bush has a height of up to 70 cm, belongs to the determinant type, and is characterized by strong foliage.

King of the Early

The king of the early ones is a standard determinant (height up to 60 cm) with an early ripening period - 90...95 days from the moment of emergence. It is preferable to grow under temporary film covers during unfavorable weather conditions.

The shape of the fruit is round, slightly flattened at the top. The skin is thin, but very durable, so tomatoes are not prone to cracking on the bushes and in pickling. The variety is distinguished by high taste characteristics, which are considered rare for such early species: the pulp is sugary, sweet, very juicy. Transportability and keeping quality are high.


A standard determinant, the height of which does not exceed 50 cm. The compactness of the plant allows you to significantly save space on the site allocated for tomatoes. The color of the fruit is red, the shape is elongated, pepper-shaped. Weight is small – 100...130 g. One cluster bears 5 to 7 fruits. The pulp is not juicy, dense, contains few seeds.


Determinate variety, growing up to 60 cm in height. The bushes are powerful and leafy. The fruits are medium-sized, weighing 50...110 g, smooth, beautifully round, slightly oval in shape. Like many other early varieties, Dubrava has fruits with a sweet and sour taste. The main advantages of the variety are stable, reliable yield even in not the most successful years and an extended fruiting period.

Siberian early ripening

A low-growing early-ripening tomato that does not exceed 40...50 cm in height. It bears fruit with medium-sized tomatoes, the average weight of each of them is 100...120 g. The shape is smooth, spherical, and the color is bright red. The skin is thin, so the fruits are not suitable for heat treatment in their entirety and quickly deteriorate. The taste is classic tomato with pronounced sourness. The yield of the variety is stable even during prolonged vagaries of weather.


The plant is a compact bush that grows no higher than 40 cm. The variety is distinguished by super early fruiting, which occurs within 70...75 days after the appearance of sprouts. It produces medium-sized fruits, weighing up to 200 g. The skin is smooth, thin, and bright red in color. The pulp is dense, fleshy, with a large content of seeds. The main disadvantage is the poor keeping quality of the fruit.

For film greenhouses and greenhouses

If we talk about this type of structure, it is worth noting that the choice of variety depends on the characteristics of the tomatoes. Such greenhouses - under the film - are considered cold. Therefore, preference is given to tomatoes that have a short growing season, that is, they ripen quickly.

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Tolstoy F1

A tall hybrid from Holland with a short growing season, the fruits ripen in 100-115 days. Suitable for growing in the ground, the bushes are tall.

Pink Magic F1

A special feature of tomatoes is their resistance to cracking and the ability to set fruit under extreme conditions. They are well suited for transportation; the stem has no restrictions on growth.

Bloody Mary

Developed by Russian breeders, tomatoes of this variety are well suited for growing in greenhouse conditions. In the soil, productivity is significantly reduced. The fruits ripen early and are medium in size.

Intuition F1

Another tomato that was bred by Russian scientists, a first-generation hybrid, is unpretentious and does not require special care. The plant is grown in greenhouse conditions. The seeds are not used for planting in the second year.

Large-fruited early tomatoes for Siberia

Growing tomatoes in Siberia requires complex agricultural technology and special care. That is why the choice of seeds must be responsible. If you plan to grow large, early fruits, we recommend considering the following options:

1. Ultra early ripening. It is distinguished by an early harvest - the fruits are ready for harvest within 90 days from the first shoots. Tomatoes weighing 300-400 grams. Delicious, meaty and aromatic.

2. Pink elephant. A tall bush, up to one and a half meters, produces a friendly and rich harvest within 110 days from the first shoots. The fruits weigh about 300g, are sweet and fleshy. Universal to use.

3. Dimensionless. One of the largest varieties of tomatoes. One of its fruits can reach one and a half kilograms. About 6 tomatoes are harvested from one bush during the fruiting period. The pulp is distinctly sugary. Delicious and aromatic tomato.

4. Grandma's secret. The fruits are very tasty and sweet. Bush of unlimited growth, up to 2 meters high. One tomato weighs on average 500-1000 grams. Suitable for any use.

5. Danko. The weight of one fruit is 300-500g. Tomatoes are firm, juicy and sweet in taste.


A mid-season variety of indeterminate (up to 2 m in height) tomatoes, which confidently took 10th place in our amateur rating. The first fruits usually ripen 110-115 days after sowing the seeds. Even beginners can cope with their cultivation. The variety has been tested and hardened in the harsh conditions of Siberia. Therefore, you can safely plant these tomatoes in open ground. Their productivity indicators are impressive - from 4 to 18 kg per 1 sq.m.

“Konigsberg performed well both in the greenhouse and in the OG.” Yuri Kuzminykh.

The oblong fruits ripen in clusters of 6 pieces, they weigh on average 300 g, under favorable conditions the weight can be 2-3 times higher than the standard declared by the manufacturer. Both the skin and the pulp of tomatoes are dense, which makes them easier to transport. Of course, they are healthier to eat fresh, but they are also very tasty in the form of juice, thick paste or sauce. There are varieties of red and yellow color (Golden Konigsberg).

“Konigsberg is an excellent variety, it bears fruit throughout October, from one bush to 2 buckets. In the greenhouse, of course." Lyudmila Petlyuk.


This variety is characterized by ultra-early ripening, and it was born relatively recently. So, the first fruits can be seen already on the 75th–85th day. The fruits are smooth and have a round shape. The shoots and leaf blades of these tomatoes are smooth. The bushes have a small height, namely about 40 centimeters. In this regard, the plant does not need a garter. The average weight of one tomato is 150 grams. The fruits are quite strong and therefore suitable for transportation. During growth, many stepsons appear on the bush, which need to be systematically pruned. Cut stepsons can be thrown away, or they can be rooted and used as seedlings.

King of Siberia

The plant is characterized by high productivity. The rafts are large, they can even reach a weight of 700-800 grams. Due to the gigantism of the fruits, the bushes of the plant need to be tied to strong supports.

The fruits have fleshy pulp, which has a sweet taste. The skin is dense, but if the vegetable is stored for a long time, it may crack.

The plant has average resistance to disease development. Disease prevention is to regularly treat bushes with boric acid.

Bull's heart

The absolute leader in the popular rating of tomatoes, which received a record number of votes, is the generally recognized and most popular variety, Bull's Heart!

The variety is late-ripening - the first fruits (5 pieces in a cluster) ripen 120-130 days after emergence. In open ground, the yield ranges from 3 to 5 kg of tomatoes per bush. In a greenhouse, this figure can increase to 12 kg. Determinate type bush - stems grow up to 1.5 m or more. To achieve record harvests, do not neglect care - timely shaping and tying to the support, preventive treatment against late blight - and the harvest will not keep you waiting!

The tomatoes are heart-shaped and bright red. In hybrids, the color varies from lemon and crimson to deep brown and black. Average weight - from 300-500 g to 800 g and even up to 1 kg. On the bush, large specimens are located closer to the ground, smaller ones - in the upper part of the stem. The gigantic size of the fruit, dense pulp and unique sweet taste make this tomato an unconditional favorite of all gardeners without exception. This is confirmed by the voting on the portal and our rating compiled based on its results.

Abakan pink

On the 9th line - a variety of medium-late ripening (110-120 days from germination), determinate type (height - 70-80 cm). In a greenhouse it can grow up to 140-150 cm. The bush needs to be formed into 1-2 stems and tied up. It will ripen pink, heart-shaped fruits (weighing up to 300 g) with tasty, dense pulp. If cared for correctly, you can harvest tomatoes weighing up to 800g, rivaling in size the popular Ox's Heart.

There are many positive reviews about growing this tomato; no one criticizes it. It can be grown in Siberia, and to protect the bushes from returning spring or late autumn frosts, a light film cover will be enough. This representative of the nightshade family rarely gets sick; you will only have to ward off Colorado potato beetles from immature seedlings. In a word, it won’t cause you much trouble, and will delight you with tomatoes – both in salads in the summer and in preparations for the winter.

“I recommend Abakan pink. Unpretentious and very tasty." Lydia Domnikova-Kazakova.

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